Router Login is a private IP address to login to your Router Admin Control Panel. Visit, logging in, now you can setup your Router such as: Security Options, DNS and much more. is mostly used by Xfinity router as default gateway, similar to 192.168.l.l , , ,,

How to login to

  1. Open your browser and type into the URL address bar. login
  2. Enter router username and password. If you don't know them, please check the list of the default router passwords.
  3. Now you will be logged in to Admin Control Panel to config your router settings such as: Security Options, DNS, and much more.

Common routers using Login IP:

Most common routers are: Cisco router, D-link router, Sitecom router, SMC networks router

Can't Access

If typing into your browser doesn't work then may not be your computer's gateway after all. The easiest way to find your correct gateway is to open the command line (Start > cmd ) and enter 'ipconfig/all'. Check the results to see if the gateway address is or not. Otherwise check our tutorial to
find your router IP address.

FAQs and Common Issues

  1. Comcast Default IP took too long to respond.
    This can happen due to a loose wire or some issue with your router hardware. Such issues happen due to prolonged usage and frequent power failures. As a fix, reboot your hardware, your system and also look for any loose connections. If nothing works, contact your router's manufacturer.
  2. Trying to login to my admin panel for Xfinity. Shows the wrong SSID and logs me into someone else's network. Comcast can't help. What to do?
    The issue arises due to Comcast using a single line split into 20 different areas. The best way to solve this is to:
    • Disable the wifi on your device.
    • Connect your PC/laptop directly with an ethernet cable.
    • Type the router default IP address (Can be found by using ipconfig command in windows/MAC)
    • Now change the IP address. Ex: Your router may be involved in an IP address conflict so better change it. If it was earlier, now change to
  3. How do I access my Xfinity router settings?
    You need the default IP address to access your Xfinity Settings. Depending upon your Comcast Xfinity router model, the default IP address can be or or
  4. What is the default admin password for Xfinity router?
    admin, password: password
  5. How do I find my password for my Xfinity WiFi?
    To find the default password, you can either see the box of a router or else if the password doesn't match, do a Router Reset. To do that, find a hidden reset button on the back of the router. Use a thin and sharp object as a needle or toothpick to Press and hold the button for 10 seconds. Now the router will be back to the factory settings. Now you can use default router password to log into Router Admin Control Panel.

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